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El Shaddai and The Lion of God

This site is dedicated to the Children of creation and The Stone Throne of THE LIVING GOD: El-Shaddai-dad, abba, abba, The Ancient of Days many names without number YHWH-Yahweh God of the Heavens and Earth “GoG – God of Gods”, “MaGoG – Maiden God of Gods”, The Amen, Jehovah-Jireh, * * *.

In revelations, elations, excitations, and edification to One and ALL “Alpha/Omega Lord of Lords, King of Kings and God of Gods” with reproof that he has arisen in the Bread of Life and that none have listened to his words, neither sought his counsel nor have followed his ways. Ezekiel 33-37, Rev. 10 “Thou Art Being Weighed In Thy Balance”: Seven words of thunder.

The Earth and its fullest is the Lord’s Table: Pull off thy Sandals for this is Holy Ground:

Blessings of the Ages Beloved: I have arisen in the Bread of Life and mine is a light load – as you review the below your crown will tingle and then you will notice that your legs will bubble like water. Make ready for the rising of the New Day Spring, Day Star, and Star of Hope for I AM HEre. E-el-Shaddai-dad, abba, abba, The Amen, THE Ancient of Days many names without number.

It is as in the time of Sodom with drunkards brawling in the streets – for they have been sub-dewed, dried-up and taken into darkness: I AM in the Corner of the Cross – 80/90-69. Ewes will know thy way – The Justice Sceptre, Censer, (Indian-a, six toes) Censor, Abi, Abram in the land of Ham – swine the S = 8th wine, turn 90° = symbol Infinity * * *.

Little children, be ye of little faith? The Eternal ONE sends his love. For in that day I will answer them before they ask: I AM HERE, scream and shout and seek me out. The marriage is complete and the LIVING GOD OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH IS HERE – THE AMEN, THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, THY MIGHTY SHIELD AND THY BUCKLER – tHE MASTer Builder has arisen in the Bread of life.
See below: “ALL reproof” on the 22nd/23rd day of the 8th month, Est. 8.9 and Dan. 10.13.

He comes as a thief in the night and takes thy Crown and casts it to the ground: Thy Shield and Thy Buckler is here – The Testator is the Testatrix and the Heir, and HE returns with deed, title, and abstract for ALL the clay pots: Jer. 11-20. Noe the Time of Day, for no, know, noe sign will be given, Matt. 18 – they all have been subdued in the land of MILKy WAY GALixy.

Hand writing is on the Wall with all in confusion and derisionsigns in the heavens below, the heavens above, and the Heaven’s Heavens. The marriage is complete, she put two “mights” in the Temple: FATher and son, now they all run 4-HE sets on the Stone Throne, Eze. 37, and the Sealing of the Eternal One is Complete, Rev. 7: ME-NE ME-NE TE-K-EL UP-HAR-SiON, Dan. 5.

As it is written,
Sow Bee IT:

Lo and Behold, look above the 40th and 5th parallels in the Night Skies over the Holly City: Geir-USA-lem, Rev 16.19. Face East at Midnight EST, look up at 11:00 O’Clock and you will see a CROSS of Five luminaries pointing to the North Star and just above the Cross with 3-ribs of a Bear (belt of Orion) you will see the CUBE of Creation, [ trap-e-zoid – the bird trap of four luminaries ]: And, above that to the north (your left) you will see the SIGNET or the Sigma of the Eternal One – ∑ pointing to the North Star = 11 Stars, Gen. 37.9:

On the 28th day of the 7th month in the 14th year: Gen. 7,14 & 28 = 49, (turning West now)

The Cross: 5 Luminaries
The Cube: 4 Luminaries
The Signet: 5 Luminaries

Roll the Dice and cast the Lot: I-say-"ah", Is. 4.5, 5.4 & 54.5 or 44.5 My Hand (for heavens below to heavens above and the Heaven’s Heaven I, EYE show ALL), Ezekiah: 4.5, 5.4 or 9.4-8 & 10.4-10; Daniel: 4.5, 5.4 or 9.4-8 & 10.4-10

The Cross-and the Bow, the Pyramid and Sword of Light with the Well to the North: He places ALL in Thine Hand. See: “The Great Well, Veil & A Stitch In Time”, “YHWH Ancient of Days”, "Thy Kingdom Come – Two Witnesses”, and “EOE: A Powerful Prayer for All.” Follow the Streets of Gold:

I come to ewes wit-h a gr-eat mess-age of love and Pe-ace™: I lay and glean forth (Ruth-4) the foundations of creation before ALL to see, sea, c, 1 Peter 1 & 5, Is. 40

And, he took some water and earth and mixed upon his hand and placed it upon her eyes sow she could see: The Right Hand – Michi-gan, Jonah 4.11. With a horned serpent: Grand Traverse Bay – Four Horns of the Throne, Gen. 49.17. Indiana: The Censer – 21 Stars thou are with six fingers and six toes, Matt. 18. Acts 9.36-41 & 28.3. "The Fl-ags of MOses", Is.1 "my cattle and sheep know the voice of their master" sticks in mine hand: See, Thy Kingdom Come – Two Witnesses,

If you believe not earthly things then how can I tail of heavenly things?

In that day I will judge thee with every word that proceeds out of thy mouth. So bee it: Din-n-er is a eight, try knot to bee late – I sent the message to you for every one. I post at the above site at the appointed ti-me: I have engraved thee on mine hand, Is. 44.1-6.

I AM that I AM, the Ancient of Days, many names without number and I come from the Utter Most Regions of Creation: Job 37-42, I, Eye WAX ALL TI-ME. Your responsibility when a sword cometh: Eze. 33.

Blessings of the Ages, Noe the hour and day. Eel: Θ∑: Everlasting O’EVErlasting™, Psalms 29©

James 1:2-8
My brethren, count it all joy
when you fall into various
trials knowing that the testing
of your faith produce patience.
But let patience have its perfect
work, that you may be prefect
and complete, lacking nothing.
If any of you lack wisdom, let
him ask God, who gives to all
liberally and without reproach,
and it will be given to him, But
let him ask in faith, with no
doubting, for he who doubts is
like a wave of the sea driven and
tossed by the wind. For let not
that man suppose that he will
receive anything from the Lord
he is double-minded man unstable
in all his ways.


How shall thee perceive ME: The brightness of the expanse as lightening goes forth from the Throne 7-words of thunder “Thou Art Being Weighed In Thy Balance”, Rev. 10.

On the 21st day, they all say Two Bright Eyes are here – he rents the Veil, sets down in the Garden – all of their hearts have been hardened. Joseph in a well, they ALL set s-ale on the sea, see, c, of Ti-me. HE raises his hand the Staff of MOses and they all flea, run run shoot and shout without any doubt. At-las dry land and they follow the yellow brick road: Times, times and half times, and then again on the 24th day, “All flesh is grass”, Daniel 9 & 10, MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSiON. Geir-USA-lem, Rev 16.19.

Such a wonderful sight that you should ever see, sea, c, the Ancient One of ALL this is HE that now sets on the Throne of Creation: The Ancient of Days, many names without number – A story of old, a story always told, and a story that always comes to pass: El Shaddai-dad, abba, abba, with names from A-to-Z all the former Prophets wrote of thee. Know, No, Noe, sign will be given as in the days of Jonah, I will sake the heavens and earth one more time, Gen. 8, the 27th day of the sEVEnth month.

¯'..¯)¸.•..¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•¨¯'*
A crow and a bear
Buffalo and a hair
Bees and a tree
All sails of sea, see, c
E-saw savory sauce
No, Noe knot lost
On spinning wheels
C, see, sea all wh-eels
Ho-le fire as above
A crow and a dove
Say sow as below
Gently tapping
E-lam, Gad rapping
Nahor sea shores
Enter ship salt oars
She twelve lively stones
In A-Bel ringing tones
Sister Tamar O’Tomorrow
14 run all in a role
Ai tried stone
F-lip A diME under thrONE
Fl-ags of MOses
Ham-m-er in ROses
An-vile sticks in hand
Y-ale I-V-y, Rod and Branch¸.•*¨) *

∑Θ∑: Everlasting O’EVErlasting™, Psalms 29

Twinkle. Twinkle little star, tarry knot a Job to dew, wish ah-me wish ah-ewes, how bright thou are – “A Stitch In Time”: Blessings of the Ages – Faithful and True, A.c.t.s. 28.3. Pe-ace© LoL

Ye are gods and sons of god, lest ye walk gently with one another you may trip, slip or fall. The kind and infinite wisdom of the Creator loves all of his creatures of creation for he created them for his pleasure and admires their beauty even if they are beast of the field, fish of the sea, creepy things on or in the earth or the fowls of the heavens.

Kindly love one another as he loves you and know, Noe that God is not slack, all shall receive their just rewards when the Ancient of Days is in the Garden. Let peace and gentleness run down your cheeks as sweet as honey while the dews of the heavens rain down righteousness and Son shine during the rising of a new Day Spring, Day Star, and the Star of Hope in the hearts of all. Pe-ace© LoL, KoK, GoG & MaGoG: Follow the streets of gold:

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EOE: A Mighty Prayer for ALL
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